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IOOFTV is a commercial free, unlimited central repository for public relations programs that may be of interest to members of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows. To order videos on a USB memory stick, to host your video productions, or for the IOOFTV News team to report from your event email

An HTML5 capable browser, a fast internet connection, and Windows 7 or MacOSX 10.7 (or newer) are recommended to view the programs online. If you have a slow internet connection it may take several minutes for the videos to download. You may optionally download the video to your computer as an .mp4 file by right-mouse-button clicking on the player and then, after the download has completed, play the file in any modern web browser. If you are still using the now obsolete Windows XP, a movie player (e.g. Apple’s free Quicktime for windows) might be necessary. Please be patient, many of the files are large. New content is added as we produce or receive it.


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Independent Order of Odd Fellows

Carol A. Fraher, Editor

“Named the “Overall Best Quarterly Publication” and honored for the “Best for use of photographs” at the Sovereign Grand Lodge Session.”





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